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Business Process Management • Financial Software Solutions •  Training

Robert Roll provides strategic database and financial solutions and training for advertising agencies, marketing groups, design firms, medical device manufacturing, and research institutions.  An expert in Filemaker Pro Database development and a certified Clients and Profits consultant and trainer. A respected finance and project manager to advertising and  design clients Robert uses his experience to design and implement solutions that integrate project management with the needs of Finance.

  • FileMaker Pro Database Development and Solution Integration
  • Medical Device Manufacturing Process Software
  • Clients & Profits Training, Process Consulting, and Custom Programming
  • Financial Process Consulting and Bookkeeping Services
  • QuickBooks Consulting

Well designed systems save money, enhance quality, provide better communication, safeguard funds, and increase profitability.  My expertise includes experience in finance managment, bookkeeping, and financial controls that I incorporate into my consulting and system design work.

In my experience people don’t like change.  However, if a user is shown that a new process and system will benefit them personally, as well as thier co-workers they will be more likely to embrace change. With over 25 years experience as a software trainer and developer, my goal is to develop and train from a user’s perspective.  I have observed that users have difficulty adopting a new process if it is too complex and requires users to adopt procedures that are radically different than their current way of doing a set of tasks.  I approach the introduction of change with patience and understanding.  I develop and train solutions in phases, which allows users to better evaluate and retain information.
I have had the pleasure of working with numerous Fortune 500 companies, cutting edge advertising and design firms, medical device research and development companies, and universities.   I consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with these companies. During my work I have observed many operational practices and corporate styles.  I use this combined first hand knowledge and experience to teach and recommend solutions.

Project Highlights:
  • Integrated production and time analysis reporting FileMaker solution -
    Franklin Templeton Investments

  • FileMaker Quantitative data management data storage, and family demographic tracking tool for genetic research - Stanford University Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research.

  • Training and Integration of Clients & Profits for Marketing Communications groups -
    Chevron Corporation, McKesson Corporation, and Providian Bank

  • Developed solution for Clients and Profits and FileMaker to exchange data- Mattel

  • Managed the Facebook project (printed version) using FileMaker from 1994-2001 -
    Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

  • Developed FileMaker medical device maintenance and RMA system - Boston Scientific

  • Created a system for ManufactPro to share purchase order and client order data with QuickBooks.   415-335-9395

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